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Congrats Bel and Masoud!

The 2021 wedding season has begun. Special thanks to Michele Hogan for the referral and to The Four Chimneys Inn for allowing us to find some shade on their beautiful property on a very warm May Day for the formals.

Happy Earth Day! I wanted to share one of the time-lapses I’ve done with Bentley Seeds. Oh, and the sixth seedling did finally sprout a day late. Looking forward to transplanting these into our garden soon!

Click here for time-lapse:


For more info on purchasing seeds go to https://bentleyseeds.com

Some Sweets from my Sweetie for Valentines

Like many of you, we have been trying new recipes over the last year, and a few have really stuck with us, and are a regular part of the Chez Nez dessert menu—whether they be pumpkin muffins, cinnamon buns (a Sunday morning requirement), and especially for Valentine’s Day are these melt-in-your-mouth warm out-of-the-oven Peanut Butter Blossoms.

I can’t take credit for making any of these, my sweet valentine Colleen is the baker in the house, and the boys and I fight over the last one of anything she makes!

Normally Colleen uses kisses, but the heart-shaped chocolates were the call for today! Milk or dark chocolate, they melt a little when pressed into the warm cookies. Yum!
From Scratch Cinnamon Buns, with chopped Pecans rolled in.
There is nothing like the smell of warm pumpkin muffins coming out of the oven!

School Portrait Day

I was happy to squeeze in the Pine Cobble School’s photos last week while the weather and leaves held. Outdoor portraits have a few more challenges than traditional studio sessions, but they also allow for some beautiful environmental backdrops for the kids and parents to enjoy.

Rose and Diego

I wanted to share a few shots from this special senior photo session last week with Rose and Diego. We were worried that it was going to be rained out as the morning weather was not good, and almost cancelled it—then the clouds parted and we had some beautiful early evening light for our shoot in Shaftsbury, Vermont. Diego soon got bored posing and just wanted to get on with the ride  


Reggie Wilson/Fist and Heel Performance Group

Really excited to be working with Jacobs Pillow for Reggie Wilson/Fist and Heel Performance Group to promote their newest works:

 Presented in collaboration with Hancock Shaker Village.


And their presentation of POWER for the Pillow Lab.  July 10-14th.

Tickets for both presentations are on sale now.


Firefly Gastropub & Catering Co.

Exited to be working on another collaboration with Great Sky Media shooting for Firefly Gastropub and Catering in Lenox, MA. Looking forward to sharing their new site when it’s done, and Joe is getting some great video clips. It’s a fantastic place to check out if you are in the area this summer.

A video/photo project for Seal Harbor Rug Company


I’m excited to share a recent video shoot for Seal Harbor Rug Company in Manchester, VT.  You can view the video from their homepage as well.

Also, a few behind-the-scenes shots with Joe Aidonidis (Great Sky Media).

Melina and Liz produce and sell high-quality hand-dyed New Zealand rug wool yarn
for rug hooking projects from their beautiful shop in Manchester, VT.

While I have been photographing their rugs and yarn colors for years, they have wanted to create some instructional videos with the ultimate goal of creating on-line classes for people to watch from home using their new kits that I have shot for them.

I have been a fan of Joe’s work for a while and we had worked simultaneously for other clients shooting events. I often get asked by clients about video production and now Joe and I are actively collaborating on projects for clients to offer them both high-quality stills and professional video production of products and services as a package. It makes a lot of sense for the client to book both shoots at the same time and offers a consistent look for media campaigns. More of these projects to come!


Community Day Celebration

It was an absolute pleasure to capture this event on June 10th for Southwestern Vermont Medical Center as they celebrated 100 years of providing healthcare to Bennington and the surrounding communities. We had perfect weather from the morning UCS 5K and kids fun run, to the parade with two women who are 98 and 101 years old! Other highlights included opening ceremonies, Jump Rope Race challenge, and hats off to Joshua of CircOvation and all of the vendors who turned out to cook food and the hospital staff who baked some delish cake with a historical timeline printed on them for everyone to enjoy. We also captured a group photo of those in attendance who were born at the hospital (including my son Ryan). And to finish off the day with bubbles to those who we have lost to cancer and watching as the Julie Shea Band let their soul shine—it was a perfect way to end the celebration.

This truly is a community hospital in every sense. Please share this link with family and friends who were there. (For your convenience, you can order prints right from the gallery by clicking the “buy” button.) Enjoy!


Born at SVMC.jpg

Do you take this USB—to have and to hold?

As a photographer with roots in the chemical-age of film and prints, it has been an adjustment to transition to the current cloud-culture of clients that now require photos be sent digitally so they can be viewed and shared on their phones (don’t get me started on company firewalls that block photo gallery sites).

Over the years I have seen the spectrum of file and photo delivery evolve almost on a yearly basis, while camera sensors continue to grow in shear pixels while at the same time as personal computers slowly phase out disc-drives.  We are all familiar with the trend of read/write CD’s from 700 mega-bit, to DVD’s that fit 4.7 GB; and the brief Blue Ray disc (with 25 GB per-side) plateau for storage on an magnetic disc (think Beta VHS player’s from the 80’s that also went the way of the dodo—I won’t get into optical discs, but they never really took off either, and died shortly after DVD’s became the standard) Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the life-changing 100MB Iomega Zip-drive discs that many graphic designers and print-production folks fondly remember.
Today, many new PC’s and laptops don’t even have built-in disc drives—so what is a digital photographer in 2018 to do?

Yes, many hosting sites, as well as commercial delivery sites, such as Dropbox.com and WeTransfer.com have offered free delivery for digital files for years, which is fine for nuts-and-bolts get-it-to-the-printer-asap kinda jobs.  I have personally relied heavily on Zenfolio.com to host literally hundreds of thousands of high-res photo files so that customers can download and order prints—and that has been fine for the last 10 years or so.

But for something as special as wedding photos, how do we as photographers deliver some of the most precious moments to people? I have a drawer-full of back-up copies of CD’s that I have imprinted inkjet labels with carefully selected photos that I have mailed to couples (not knowing at the time, but suspecting that discs are going the way of the digital dodo).

USB drives in 8GB and 16GB and beyond, have now become the physical storage standard archival choice for shear digital capacity—as nano-technology becomes a reality—for what we capture as modern photographers.

So how do you package and present a special day into one small, yet immensely large digitally important package? I recently ordered a USB via Miller’s Lab (a professional photographer’s resource) to print this couple’s favorite photo onto an acrylic block attached to their wedding photos USB. This does not replace custom-designed albums and prints, as well as a host of other print products—but for now (as of today anyway) this is a pretty cool and, well just pretty way of delivering a special day indeed.

BTW, congrats Nikki and Shawn!

p.s. as a father of two amazing boys and a wife that I can’t imagine living on this crazy planet without, I often make pains to print my most favorite digital images of my family (we call them fridge-pics). I would encourage strongly that everyone reading this to print (yes print!) your favorite family photos. Not saying that an atmospheric electromagnetic burst is going to happen tomorrow (Although, it seems likely with the current administration more and more each day), however lightning happens all the time, so back up your photos on paper!