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Happy 4th of July!

Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July!


Rose and Diego

I wanted to share a few shots from this special senior photo session last week with Rose and Diego. We were worried that it was going to be rained out as the morning weather was not good, and almost cancelled it—then the clouds parted and we had some beautiful early evening light for our shoot in Shaftsbury, Vermont. Diego soon got bored posing and just wanted to get on with the ride  


Eric Rickstad

I have been wanting to share a few pics from a portrait session from last summer with my talented friend and author, Eric Rickstad. His chilling crime novels are on national best-selling lists and have been translated into other languages. His Canaan, Vermont protagonists are brought to life in vivid detail and his character development and plot twists had me hooked and wanting to read more.

After shooting a family portrait session for Eric and his wife Meredith a couple years ago, I offered to update his bio pic for his novels. He took me up on the offer, and earlier last summer we did a session while dodging scattered showers and chasing the late afternoon sunlight on the nearby streams, fields, and a covered bridge (what better backdrop for a Vermont novelist). Here are a few of my favorites from that day and hopefully one will get used for a print run in the future.

Eric has published four novels (Reap, The Silent Girls, Lie in Wait, The Names of Dead Girls, and his fifth book—What Remains of Her, will be coming out in July). You can check out his books in your local bookstore, and of course on Amazon here.



Anekah’s Motives

I was asked recently to do some head shots and makeup application candids for Anekah McCall’s business start up, Anekah’s Motives. She is very young but already has a maturity and artistic vision well beyond her age, where most high school kids aren’t thinking about starting a business—she is well on her way. I was glad I could help out, and we had a fun shoot at the salon she works at in Palmer, MA.

These are just a few shots from the all-day shoot. She wanted to show some before and after shots, so I set up a studio in the parlor and jumped back and forth between head shots, applications, and an outdoor shoot that got a lot of attention from the locals 😉 The little dog who came up to the girls was happy for the attention, and didn’t want to leave!

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Sara at The Crossings

Although I knew about The Crossings in Albany, NY and had been there once or twice, I really didn’t look at it as a destination location for portraits. I will be returning often to shoot here and it’s dog friendly, which is key for most family portraits, and the kids love it. I had a great shoot with my niece Sara last weekend and the weather was breezy but with beautiful light. The ducks were happy to get a few Cheerios, and one thing is for sure Sara had a good time and was off for a nap.

Family portraits

Family portraits are in full swing, and I just love it!

Ginelle and Justin

I love shooting couples that are totally in love, and with Ginelle and Justin it was clear how much they are in love with each other. I often looked up from setting my camera and they were kissing already 😉 We had a fun ATV trip up to the top of Jiminy Peak and hiked most of the way down and flushed some turkeys and saw a deer watching us during the shoot. We stopped a couple of times on the way to a lovely nearby farm in Hancock, MA and the light just got better. Looking forward to their wedding and meeting their family and friends!

Shenna’s Senior Portrait

When I was asked by my cousin Jayne if I would be willing to take her daughter’s senior portrait for her school’s album, I couldn’t say no. Jayne and her husband Dan are two of the sweetest and loving people I know, and my most vivid memory of Shenna was traveling to their home in Springfield, MA over ten years ago with my mom on a glorious spring day for Shenna’s first communion, and she was by far the cutest little girl in the class with her long curly hair and brilliant smile. Shenna has grown up to be an intelligent and beautiful young woman and if you know Jayne and Dan it’s no wonder why. We had many great shots from the shoot and her best friend Brianna came along, and was a ham on and off the camera!

Kasey and Kevin

Congrats to Kasey and Kevin on their engagement. We had a great shoot on a beautiful day in Montclair, NJ last weekend. We visited the Eagle Rock Reservation to try to get a good view of the NYC skyline but the hot and hazy day was the only bummer, so we made the best of it and got some great shots before going over to the Montclair Art Museum for another session and to tour the space for a possible reception site. I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of the family, as Kasey’s folks are great. Thank you Tom for the help, and I still owe you that beer 😉

Kasey, Kevin, and Lilly

Kasey, Kevin, and Lilly

Kevin and KaseyKevin and Kasey

Jessica and Dan

I’ve fallen behind on posts this month despite shooting constantly this Spring. Dan graciously agreed to a help me out modeling today for a commercial shoot and we both noted how much we liked the open brickwork at the studio as we wrapped things up. I really loved how this shot came out for their engagement session and I am REALLY looking forward to the wedding in Lenox, MA this fall.

Jessica and Dan