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Sheraton Parsippany

I wanted to share a few pics from a recent shoot in New Jersey at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel. They have just renovated their restaurant, Amuse, and the food and hospitality is fantastic. I highly recommend staying there if you are in the area or book a group if you have a corporate meeting coming up.




Cinco de Mayo

Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo, taken earlier this week at the Sheraton Parsippany.

The Little Things

I’m in the process of designing a Jiminy Peak wedding album for next month’s bridal fair and wanted to share this brilliant behind-the-scenes shot that my friend Toby Gelston took as I was setting up a group photo. It’s one of those candid magical in-between moments that happen, and often have the most impact. Stay tuned for the album link, and also check out Toby’s photo geekdom at: https://photorec.tv/


Very happy to spread the Jam with my friends Ross and Danine of Jamtastic, for their new Website http://www.jamtasticjam.com.

The Real McCoy

I wanted to share a shot from today’s shoot in the studio for the folks at The Real McCoy Spirits. I found this old door under our camp this past summer and it’s been getting a lot of use lately. I love composing shots and seeing where they end up. I really like how this one is looking.


I took this 5 years ago today, and had forgotten to print it. Worth sharing again I think?

Greg's Photo Blog

With the early snow this year, I felt inspired to shoot some foliage 😉


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Terroir & Meroir—Photos from a Kim Crawford Wine and Oyster Pairing

I wanted to share a few photos from a recent assignment in New York City to cover the media event Terroir & Meroir, an exploration of wine and oysters with Kim Crawford winemaker Anthony Walkenhorst. Shucking lessons and pairings by Zadie’s Oyster Room Chef Devon Dearden and Oyster Sommelier Chris Maslowski. I was impressed with the staff (who put up with me shooting in the prep areas and behind the bar) as they cracked and shucked hundreds of oysters for the assembly of writers and reviewers. My favorites were the amazing prepared oysters (see menu below)—which were baked, broiled, fried, and poached—with complex layers of flavors that paired beautifully with the Kim Crawford wines.




Oyster Sommelier, Christ Maslowski (second from left) and Kim Crawford Winemaker, Anthony Walkenhorst (far right), along with the professional servers at Zadie’s Oyster Room



Oysters from Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Washington and California, as well as New York


Broiled Oysters with Sea Lettuce, Soffritto, and Parm


Fried Oysters with Dulse, Kohlrabi, Garlic, and Lemon


Crab Cake Sliders with Cucumber and Aioli


Chef Devon Deardon and his team shucked and prepared a feast of oysters for the pairing



Poached Oysters with Wakame, Cream, Sherry, and Succotash

kim-crawford_0076 kim-crawford_0110 kim-crawford_0130 kim-crawford_0150 kim-crawford_0176 kim-crawford_0196 kim-crawford_0248 kim-crawford_0261


Baked Oysters with Seaweed Butter, Prosciutto Cotto, Egg, and Leeks


Brown Bread with Anchovy Butter, as well as Smoked Bluefish Paté

kim-crawford_0267 kim-crawford_0282 kim-crawford_0290 kim-crawford_0300 kim-crawford_0357 kim-crawford_0371 kim-crawford_0379 kim-crawford_0386 kim-crawford_0401 kim-crawford_0413 kim-crawford_0422 kim-crawford_0427 kim-crawford_0430 kim-crawford_0469 kim-crawford_0479