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Do I shoot kids?

I’m often asked if I shoot children. Well…yes!
I happen to have a couple of very willing models in-house that are all-to-willing to help me test out new lenses and cameras. This shot of our youngster Ryan was taken during the recent hotwave while I was testing a new lens, and it is one of the shots that goes onto our fridge instantly, and I can’t stop looking at it. The slideshow link below was from a shoot taken a year ago almost to the day when I was testing a new camera and had a one of those magical days when I was just going to mess around in a late afternoon at the park and had shot after shot that I would love to print out for my desk, but then again I’m biased 😉
I love shooting kids for clients, and not just because the children are so unassuming and innocent but I know the fleeting images of their kids are going to be as cherished for them as mine are for me.

Oh, and this day testing of the new lens was another “magic” day… another slideshow to come 😉


Ryan enjoying a day in the "pool"