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The Little Things

I’m in the process of designing a Jiminy Peak wedding album for next month’s bridal fair and wanted to share this brilliant behind-the-scenes shot that my friend Toby Gelston took as I was setting up a group photo. It’s one of those candid magical in-between moments that happen, and often have the most impact. Stay tuned for the album link, and also check out Toby’s photo geekdom at: https://photorec.tv/


Ginelle and Justin

I love shooting couples that are totally in love, and with Ginelle and Justin it was clear how much they are in love with each other. I often looked up from setting my camera and they were kissing already 😉 We had a fun ATV trip up to the top of Jiminy Peak and hiked most of the way down and flushed some turkeys and saw a deer watching us during the shoot. We stopped a couple of times on the way to a lovely nearby farm in Hancock, MA and the light just got better. Looking forward to their wedding and meeting their family and friends!

Jayme and Adam

They say that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. If that holds true then Jayme and Adam are going to have a fantastic marriage. It really got dicey for a while with the outdoor ceremony and Irene bearing down on us, but then the rain stopped, and there was a peaceful calm for over an hour with beautiful soft light, and we had a great shoot.

Jessica and Dan’s Jiminy Peak Wedding

I had been looking forward to Jess and Dan’s wedding for a while, and when Jessica told me she had chosen the ceremony venue at Jiminy Peak Resort‘s mountain summit, I couldn’t wait to shoot it. The guys drove up their Jeeps in the morning and everyone was going to take the chair lift up for the ceremony. Shooting on a chairlift was a first for me and we were blessed with a warm and sunny day in late September and the views were breathtaking. Here are but a few of my favorites…

Photo by Tobias Gelston