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Back in the swing of things

With their newest AD campaign released, I was inspired to share a few pics from a recent marketing shoot for Southwestern Vermont Medical Center’s Orthopedics. I’ve done a few of these shoots and I love to collaborate on these patient testimonials. Dow Haynor and his capable crew from Golden Lamb Productions shoot the interview and B-roll footage, and I am tasked with capturing stills for the print ad and billboard campaigns.

It’s fascinating to watch the whole video production process and I get a kick seeing the final clips on the commercials come on TV during a game on NESN or other show.

We are fortunate to have an incredibly talented team of surgeons at SVMC, and I am constantly impressed with what they can do for patients with chronic pain day in and day out. I’m always happy to offer my services when the SVMC communications team calls me for another patient testimonial.

I have to say that when Les Jorgensen was asked to tee up and hit the ball over 100 yards of swamp several times to hit the fairway at Manchester Country Club he didn’t miss once. His hip pain is truly gone and his golf swing is strong.
I love billboards!
Dow Haynor doing what he does with his ever-present stabilized wide-angle cam, getting the B-roll footage of Les on the course.
Les and I share a love of macro photography, and I was envious of his backyard flower garden.
Behind the scenes during the interview at Les’ studio.
In the capable hands of Dr. Michaela Schneiderbauer
The final testimonial