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TGIF-Sandeman Spring Sour

Since it’s now Spring (technically), I thought I’d share this recipe to celebrate this week’s TGIF post. Enjoy.

Sandeman Spring Sour
1.5 oz. Sandeman Founder’s Reserve Porto
3 raspberries (muddled)
1 oz. brandy
1.5 oz. iced chai tea
.5 oz. fresh lemon juice
.25 oz. honey syrup*

*Honey syrup recipe: Combine 1 part honey with 1 part warm water and stir to combine.

Shake ingredients very well with ice and strain over fresh ice into rocks glass. Garnish with ground cinnamon and lemon wheel.


Sandeman Spring Sour

TGIF-Lychee Sangria

Another friday, another cocktail recipe. This is an exotic tropical version of a Sangria. Enjoy.

Lychee Sangria

1/2 oz. Tanduay Gold rum
4 oz.     Gekkeikan Haiku
3/4 oz. Lychee Syrup
1 oz.     Pineapple Juice
1 oz.     Pomegranate Juice
lemon-lime soda

Pour ingredients into mixing glass.
Spindle-mix, then pour over ice.
Top with a splash of lemon-lime soda.
Garnish with fresh fruit (lychee, strawberries, pineapple, citrus).

For more great Tanduay Rum recipes and info go here.

A Taste of Tradition—Cider of Asturias

If you haven’t noticed, the cider market is booming. And last fall I was asked to cover a tasting event sponsored by Sidra de Asturias at Tertulia in Manhattan. Sidra de Asturias is a Protected by Designation of Origin (PDO) product of Spain and the Asturias region, or Green Spain, is located along the northern coast. The region has been producing cider since the 11th century and supplies 80% of the national production.

For centuries, servers called escanciadores have been pouring Asturias cider in a way that aerates the beverage and enhances the flavor and aroma. Only a shot is poured high over the server’s head and is to be consumed in a single gulp. For more info on Ciders of Spain and the beautiful Asturias region check out these links:

It was a really fun event and towards the end the pros let the attendee’s give pouring a shot, needless to say the floors were a bit sticky by the end of the night, but coupled with the fantastic cider and the amazing tapas cranking out of the kitchen by Chef Mullen’s team at a dizzying rate, no one seemed to mind.

Cider_008 Cider_012 Cider_024 Cider_030 Cider_033 Cider_035 Cider_036 Cider_041 Cider_043 Cider_044 Cider_047 Cider_054 Cider_056 Cider_057 Cider_059 Cider_070 Cider_074 Cider_077 Cider_080 Cider_089 Cider_090 Cider_095 Cider_112 Cider_115 Cider_127 Cider_146 Cider_150 Cider_158 Cider_172 Cider_178 Cider_181 Cider_183 Cider_200 Cider_202 Cider_234 Cider_241 Cider_309 Cider_317 Cider_326 Cider_336 Cider_359 Cider_383 Cider_407 Cider_441 Cider_452 Cider_465Cider Styles and Pairing

TGIF-The French Pearl

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a lot of cocktail recipes for clients in the studio and many are now sitting idle on hard drives collecting virtual dust, so I decided its a shame not to share, and want to start a Friday tradition of posting a recipe a week. Let me know what you think and hopefully I can inspire some of you to try one of these tasty libations?

“The French Pearl”

2 parts Plymouth Gin
¼ part Pernod Absinthe
¾ part fresh lime juice
¾ part simple syrup
1 mint sprig

Muddle mint with lime juice in a mixing glass. Add additional ingredients, and shake over ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass using a fine mesh strainer.

French Pearl