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2012 Beaujolais Crus Tasting

Just a few pics from the 2012 Beaujolais Crus Tasting hosted at the restaurant Lafayette in NYC yesterday. For more info on the Duboeuf wines visit http://www.duboeuf.com

Duboeuf_009 Duboeuf_011 Duboeuf_015 Duboeuf_044 Duboeuf_048 Duboeuf_062 Duboeuf_085 Duboeuf_088 Duboeuf_186 Duboeuf_196 Duboeuf_261 Duboeuf_285

(L-R) Bill Deutsch, Georges Duboeuf, Franck Duboeuf, Peter Deutsch.

(L-R) Bill Deutsch, Georges Duboeuf, Franck Duboeuf, Peter Deutsch.

One Response

  1. Good Afternoon, Greg:

    Again, I return to my tutor – hopefully willing – to ask about mechanics of setting up new versions of “Greg’s Photo Blog”.

    Are you setting up/paying $13.00 each new posting to your blog. Candidly, I’m confused by the “Support” info. Alternatively, can one put a new post on a previous blog e.g. Photographic Meanderings that will replace/erase the “old” photos.

    If this is more trouble than you wish to spend time on, I understand. I do have some reasonably good pictures from the Canadian Rockies that I’d like to share, and had hoped to use the domain with a new title to do so.

    Best, JPB

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