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Who likes brownies?

What’s not to like about brownies and milk? One of my weaknesses for sure, and whenever I’m shooting for Gilbert’s Gourmet Goodies my boys are anxious to come to work with dad. And I of course have to ensure the photo samples are of the proper freshness personally 😉

For those of you with Gluten issues I highly recommend you check out Liz Gilbert’s gluten free products, which are available in stores and direct on-line.


Family portraits

Family portraits are in full swing, and I just love it!

Cupcakes and Sunflowers

Surrounded by love, sunflowers, and a beautiful 150-year-old Vermont country church/school setting amongst fields and crops, this was literally the last (and possibly sweetest) image on my camera from yesterday’s shoot of a wonderful family’s 50th wedding anniversary and family reunion with all the children and grandchildren.

I often find myself saying “I love my job” to people, because I really do enjoy and am often honored and humbled by being entrusted to capture special moments in peoples lives—knowing that they will look at those photos for the rest of their lives.

The BBQ steaks with reduction sauce, chicken, and shrimp with all the fresh salads was terrific and would make any professional caterer proud, and to top it off were the cupcakes—and yes, I did get to have one of the chocolate Ganache frosted cupcakes for the ride home. I love my job.