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Memorial Day Phlox, with a Butterfly for Katie

Phlox divaricata is known by several common names including Woodland Phlox, Wild Blue Phlox, and Wild Sweet William.   Woodland Wild Blue Phlox is one of our favorite spring flowers often found along streams and in open woods.

So that is the short scientific version of wild Phlox. Thank you Wikipedia!

I just love this fleeting flower, and I really wanted to photograph it this year with so much of it in full-bloom here in Vermont in late May growing wild along streams and along roadsides under shaded trees. And so this morning I was determined to shoot them, and as I set up I also noticed the proliferation of butterflies—and whenever I see a butterfly I can’t help but think of my cousin Katie who is flying among them in heaven—and so on this Memorial Day morning as I was shooting these flowers, butterflies flew all around and I had to stop and and smile with love for my beautiful cousin…I will always remember you Katie when I see a butterfly, and smile.



2 Responses

  1. This looks fantastic. But, I’m middle-aged and need my beauty sleep. Hmmm…beauty sleep? In that case, I’ll see you in a few years.

  2. That was much deeper than just pictures of butterflies Nicely done.

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