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Memorial Day Phlox, with a Butterfly for Katie

Phlox divaricata is known by several common names including Woodland Phlox, Wild Blue Phlox, and Wild Sweet William.   Woodland Wild Blue Phlox is one of our favorite spring flowers often found along streams and in open woods.

So that is the short scientific version of wild Phlox. Thank you Wikipedia!

I just love this fleeting flower, and I really wanted to photograph it this year with so much of it in full-bloom here in Vermont in late May growing wild along streams and along roadsides under shaded trees. And so this morning I was determined to shoot them, and as I set up I also noticed the proliferation of butterflies—and whenever I see a butterfly I can’t help but think of my cousin Katie who is flying among them in heaven—and so on this Memorial Day morning as I was shooting these flowers, butterflies flew all around and I had to stop and and smile with love for my beautiful cousin…I will always remember you Katie when I see a butterfly, and smile.



Ginelle and Justin

I love shooting couples that are totally in love, and with Ginelle and Justin it was clear how much they are in love with each other. I often looked up from setting my camera and they were kissing already 😉 We had a fun ATV trip up to the top of Jiminy Peak and hiked most of the way down and flushed some turkeys and saw a deer watching us during the shoot. We stopped a couple of times on the way to a lovely nearby farm in Hancock, MA and the light just got better. Looking forward to their wedding and meeting their family and friends!

Kasey and Kevin’s album

I’m finishing up design and printing of the albums from last year’s weddings. I use AsukaBook, and they provide a free digital album for a year. Kasey ordered an extra book for her mom for Mother’s day, and Kevin gave his mom a 16 x 24 canvas wrap. I just love this album from start to finish, and it’s so much fun reliving the day—check it out: Kasey and Kevin’s album

Commencement time

Next to weddings, a college commencement is the most enjoyable event I get to photograph. I still vividly remember the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, and how proud my parents were at my own college graduation. Next week I’ll be shooting my third commencement for MCLA, which is also my alma mater, and I wanted to share a few of the images from the past two years that I really liked and could have easily added 50 more, but will leave room for the class of 2012!