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Mixing it up with Hiram Walker

The studio has recently been transformed into a bar as I finished a fantastic project mixing and shooting 60 cocktail recipes for Hiram Walker, and these are just a few of my favorites.

Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian

2 parts Malibu Coconut;
2 parts Pineapple Juice;
1 part Blue Curacao

Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a pineapple slice.

Cinberry Fizz

Cinberry Fizz

1 part Hiram Walker Original Cinn;
1 part Cranberry Juice;
2 parts Ginger Ale

Build in a Collins glass over ice.

Citrus Peach Fuzz

Citrus Peach Fuzz

1 part ABSOLUT Citron;
1 part Hiram Walker White Peach Schnapps;
1 part Cream;
Fresh Peach slices

Pour all ingredients into blender; cover with crushed ice and blend until smooth. Pour into a Hurricane glass and garnish with a fresh peach slice.

Ginger Basil Kurrant Martini

Ginger Basil Kurant Martini

1 Fresh Ginger Slice, Muddled;
1 1/2 oz Absolut Kurant;
1/2 oz Hiram Walker Triple Sec;
2 Basil Leaves, torn;
1/2 oz Simple Syrup;
3 Lemon Squeezes, discard

Lemon-Ginger sugar rim. Muddle ginger. Combine ingredients in shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into martini glass.

Hazelnut Cappuccino

Hazelnut Cappuccino

1 1/2 parts Hiram Walker Hazelnut;
5 parts espresso

Pour into a cappuccino or Irish coffee cup. Top with whipped heavy cream and grated hazelnuts.

Kir Royale

Kir Royale

1 part Hiram Walker Creme de Cassis;
4 parts chilled Mumm or Perrier Jouet Champagne

Serve in a champagne flute. Garnish with lemon twist if desired.

Melon Mojito

Melon Mojito

3/4 part Hiram Walker Melon Liqueur;
1 1/2 parts Dark Rum;
12 Mint Leaves;
1/2 Lime; 2 tbsp. Simple Syrup (or 4 tsp. sugar).
Top off with Club Soda

Muddle mint leaves and lime in tall glass. Cover with simple syrup and fill glass with ice. Add rum and club soda; stir. Garnish with lime and mint.

Peach Margarita


1 1/2 parts premium tequila;
1 part Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps;
1/4 part Hiram Walker  Triple Sec;
1/2 part lime juice

Shake or blend with ice (I added a few slices of fresh peach in the blender for color and texture), and pour into salt-rimmed margarita glass.

Raspberry Pom

Raspberry Pom

1 part Hiram Walker Pomegranate Schnapps;
1 1/2 parts premium tequila;
4 fresh raspberries;
2 lime wedges

Muddle 3 red raspberries and 2 limes wedges in cranberry juice. Add ice, then Pomegranate Schnapps and Tequila. Serve in an old fashioned glass. Garnish with a raspberry and mint sprig.


2 Responses

  1. Favorite to shoot or favorite to sample 🙂

  2. Mmm, melon mojito! That Raspberry Pom looks delicious, too.

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