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Lobster Scramble “Ostrich Style”

I had the honor to shoot at David Burke’s Townhouse Restaurant in NYC this summer, and I am constantly impressed with the creativity and artistic presentation that chefs on top of their game are cooking. Not only was the lobster and ostrich egg scramble with Shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, creme fraĆ®che, and American sturgeon caviar amazing to look at when it was brought to the table (served in an egg shell nestled in a beautiful copper pot), but this “appetizer” was incredibly delicious. Chef Burke was very gracious to go along with the fun concept for the Vibrant Rioja ad, and he juggled the ostrich eggs like a pro. He treated us for lunch after the shoot as the lunch crowd quickly filled the restaurant to capacity, and his Executive Chef Sylvain Delpique delivered dish after dish of apps to the table where we tried as much of everything we could, forgetting that the main dishes were still to come!

Lobster Scramble "Ostrich Style"

Chef David Burke