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The Grille or Golf?

The highlight of my week was shooting for the Mount Anthony Country Club‘s restaurant, The Grille, which is literally around the corner from my studio. The owners asked me to come up and shoot some of the items on the menu, of which I had heard good things from family and friends. The executive chef, Eric Pierce and his staff put together some really nice dishes and after trying each one, it’s fair to say The Grille is now on my shortlist of favorite restaurants. If you haven’t had a chance to go for dinner, lunch, or Sunday brunch, I highly recommend it. Oh, and did I mention the renovated 18-hole golf course with some of the most beautiful vistas in Bennington, VT? Go for the golf, stay for the food!

Sesame-encrusted tuna appetizer

Scrumptious fresh smoked salmon sushi

I really like the presentation of this sushi roll, and it tasted even better ๐Ÿ˜‰

Scallops Florentina. Pan-seared sea scallops with fresh hearbs, garlic, lemon, tri-colors bell peppers, baby spinach and mushrooms, with a side of rice and garnished with a sweet basil leaf.

Turf Sliders. Seasoned beef tenderloin medallions grilled and served on toasted croutes topped with balsamic glazed onions and Vermont blue cheese. Accompanied with battered green beans and a wasabi ranch dipping sauce, and paired with a cold pint of Switchback ale. (This was hands down my favorite dish, and the battered green beans with the dipping sauce is a refreshing change from fries.)

Asian Ginger Tuna

Asian Ginger Tuna. Fresh Ahi tuna in a ginger soy marinade pan-seared and topped with a citrus fruit salsa.

Chicken a la Greque

Chicken a la Greque. Fresh chicken breast pan-seared with mushrooms, garlic, diced tomatoes, herbs, Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, white wine, fresh lemon and feta cheese.

NY Sirloin

New York Sirloin with a sherry mushroom sauce and polenta cake.


Michelle and Sebastian

Michelle and Sebastian had beautiful weather and gorgeous views for their wedding last weekend at the Warfield House Inn in Charlemont, MA. I’m wrapping up the edits and wanted to post a few of my favorites.

Michelle and SebastionMichelle and SebastionMichelle and SebastionMichelle and SebastionMichelle and Sebastion

A wedding in Chinatown

When Kit Young asked me if I would like to shoot her wedding in Chinatown I was really psyched. I hadn’t been to Chinatown in lower Manhattan since I was a little boy with my dad, who brought me there one magical night during a Chinese New Year and I will never forget the fireworks. So when Kit mentioned it almost a year ago, I couldn’t wait to do this shoot. It was a really hot and humid day in the city and right as I got to the parking garage it started to downpour. But eventually the rain passed and I got to meet Jia’s family and some of their friends and we began the start of the day of preparations and celebration. The traditional Chinese seafood dinner (over a dozen courses) was amazing and the party was a memorable one. Congrats Kit and Jia!

Getting ready in a very busy salon in Chinatown

Almost ready...

Jia and Kit walking down a back alley in the heart of Chinatown

(L-R) Vienna, Kit, Jia, and Brian at the South Street Seaport with the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges in the background.

Let the celebration begin!

Scallops and cabbage in a sweet sauce

Shark fin soup

One of the many toasts during the ceremonial "tea"

Lobster Scramble “Ostrich Style”

I had the honor to shoot at David Burke’s Townhouse Restaurant in NYC this summer, and I am constantly impressed with the creativity and artistic presentation that chefs on top of their game are cooking. Not only was the lobster and ostrich egg scramble with Shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, creme fraรฎche, and American sturgeon caviar amazing to look at when it was brought to the table (served in an egg shell nestled in a beautiful copper pot), but this “appetizer” was incredibly delicious. Chef Burke was very gracious to go along with the fun concept for the Vibrant Rioja ad, and he juggled the ostrich eggs like a pro. He treated us for lunch after the shoot as the lunch crowd quickly filled the restaurant to capacity, and his Executive Chef Sylvain Delpique delivered dish after dish of apps to the table where we tried as much of everything we could, forgetting that the main dishes were still to come!

Lobster Scramble "Ostrich Style"

Chef David Burke

Do I shoot kids?

I’m often asked if I shoot children. Well…yes!
I happen to have a couple of very willing models in-house that are all-to-willing to help me test out new lenses and cameras. This shot of our youngster Ryan was taken during the recent hotwave while I was testing a new lens, and it is one of the shots that goes onto our fridge instantly, and I can’t stop looking at it. The slideshow link below was from a shoot taken a year ago almost to the day when I was testing a new camera and had a one of those magical days when I was just going to mess around in a late afternoon at the park and had shot after shot that I would love to print out for my desk, but then again I’m biased ๐Ÿ˜‰
I love shooting kids for clients, and not just because the children are so unassuming and innocent but I know the fleeting images of their kids are going to be as cherished for them as mine are for me.

Oh, and this day testing of the new lens was another “magic” day… another slideshow to come ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ryan enjoying a day in the "pool"