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Food shot of the day

Perigee Burger with grilled pita and horseradish aioli

It seems fitting to start my first culinary blog entry with a starter. This burger is hand ground in-house and one of the many delicious and unique tapas at Perigee Restaurant in Lee, MA (http://perigee-restaurant.com). If you follow this blog you will become very familiar with the fare at Perigee. The owner, Dawn LaRochelle, and her amazingly talented chefs have graciously allowed me to photograph many events and get in their way in the kitchen as they prepare one creative dish after another. LOTs more to come from this amazing restaurant story…


My first post

Me and the boys in the studio 1/18/10. Photo by Colleen 😉

OK. I have been wanting a venue to communicate with clients, friends and family but haven’t felt the impulse to join the facebook phenomenon, so here is my solution. More to come soon!